Jest Of Eve “Talon” Vented by Bryan Beasley


Vented kites don’t work they’re not fit for purpose!

‘Tis only an opinion, but an opinion shared by many. So let’s have a look, and try to define what that purpose may be.

Light weight kites are designed to fly in light winds, and standard weight kites for flying in erm standard winds. So a vent then, is supposed to perform in stronger winds right ?

Well yes, obviously, but there comes a point where (for the purposes of slack line freestyle) it doesn’t make much difference just how big, or how many vents there are, or how heavy the framing for that matter. Pressure in the sail caused by too much wind simply takes away the slack in the lines before the flier has had any chance what-so-ever to do anything with it.

Slow, floaty Taz Machine Cascades in the middle of a 25mph wind window! forget it, unless you can run forward at 15mph throughout the duration of the move.

The purpose then, so far as I can see, is to relieve some sail pressure at the point where a STD sail starts to become uncomfortable to continue Freestylie. Straight lines and carved turns are worthy of a different conversation, but we’re talking Trick Style here, so let’s have a look and see if the new Jest of Eve creation for the Talon family is fit for that purpose.

First and foremost, this is a Jest of Eve kite. They are built; beautifully, and this is no exception. Second, it’s a “Talon”; which makes it designed for free flowing, smooth and unadulterated freestyle. Turn off “competition mode”, engage “informality” and let’s go.

The styling is sublime. End of paragraph.

This is one gorgeous piece of flying sculpture. The positioning and shape of the vents complement the already dreamy sail design really nicely, and the continued option to design your own colour schemes leaves open seemingly endless variations to suit.

Icarex PC31 sail with plenty of reinforcements, Skyshark P200 and Black Diamond Nitro (Strong) leading edges and 7PT lower spreaders all add up to make a pretty solid structure. There’s some weighting round and about to help the overall balance, and all of the usual “Talon” features are built in; “Roll Bars” with “Slip Catches” included.

So then, is it – in fact any good ?

Well, yes. Yes it is!

The UL Talon is a dreamlike experience with all its silky delicacies, yet it handles some serious inputs with allure. This’ll get you up to around 7mph winds, much more and you’re into serious footwork to stay comfortable. The STD has a sharper, more concise feel and freestyle flow transition is superb. Anything much over 12mph winds though and again, work is required. Sure it’ll fly in stronger winds, just less fluid.

What the new Vent does, is it makes that 12mph feel like 6mph pressure on the end of the lines, 20mph feel like 14 without losing the feel and responsiveness the Talon has. It’s quite simply, in the context of the Jest of Eve flying style, brilliant.

At this point, I could start to whittle on a bit about what the Talon can, and can’t do. I could reel off a great list of moves and combos that come built in (Crazy Copters are awesome btw. šŸ˜‰ ), and some that are less accessible, but let’s cut it short. This ain’t no TP or precision flight tool, but it is freestyle Avalon. The Vent will allow you to stay there just a bit longer.


Bryan Beasley