Chris Goff / Tim Benson “Superfly” Preview

SuperflyAt long last, a new kite from Tim Benson. The “Superfly” is the the all conquering freestyle design from Chris Goff. This is the kite used by Chris to win last years competition at Stella Plage with spellbinding combinations in brisk winds.

Originally Chris had intended to make the and distribute the Superfly himself, but after a difficult year getting this up and running has decided it’d better to hand this over to Tim, who as we know makes kites better than anybody and has been selling direct for sometime now.

This is how Chris describes the kite: “The Superfly is a cutting edge freestyle kite aimed at casual and competition flyers alike, designed to exploit a deep sitting turtle without compromising other tricks and general feel. The Superfly is a real door opener to new freestyle moves and creations, giving the flyer a feeling of true limitless freestyle.

The bold graphics are designed to be striking but also functional, harking back to the long history and pedigree of UK freestyle. The asymmetric color way helps the flyer to recognize the direction of rotation during tricks, while the radiating stripes help to level the kite visually in the sky, improving accuracy with wrapped tricks and extended combinations. The smoothly formed nose and elegantly simple snag-free sail details reduce the chance of unexpected tangles, cutting down on those long walks of shame. Now built to the impeccable build quality of Tim Benson the SuperFly really is something special.”

This should make for a winning combination, class leading performance with that legendary Benson build quality. I can’t wait for mine to arriveĀ Cool

The Specifications

Style: Freestyle/ Competition
Frame: Skyshark P200, 5PT, P400
Sail: Icarex
Bridle: Static 3pt
Wingspan: 2.22m
Weight: 265g (with 19g tailweight)
Wind: 4-25mph


Custom colors are not being offered yet, but there are plenty of colors offered as standard


The Website Revamp

The Benson website has undergone quite a revamp, Superfly pages have been added of course, but there are many other changes. The kites organized by families, the swish slider animation and no less that three types of Benson straps offer in the accessories section.

The Video Gallery

If you’ve not seen these videos, you’re in for a treat.

The Superfly Teaser (Chris Goff)

The SuperFly Teaser from ChrisGoffKites on Vimeo.

Piero Serra x ChrisGoffKites x FreeLance Project (Piero Serra)

Piero Serra X ChrisGoffKites X FreeLance Project from Dam’ FLP on Vimeo.

The Superfly Sunset (Piero Serra)

Camber Superfly

Camber SuperFly from ChrisGoffKites on Vimeo.