Diamond Kites “Aventador” Review by Grischa

Aventador000Orginally published on stuntkite.de and translated by Jürgen Denzinger

I’ve had my Aventador, from Diamond Kites, for about four months now, and I’d like to share my experiences.


Leading Edge Avia B-tweeny Ul
Spine Avia Geforce h + Goldtip.
Lower Spreader Aero Stuff Gold
Bridle Three point
Dimension 233 x 100cm


The Aventador, with its 2.33m wingspan and 1m height is not a particularly large kite yet it
definitely has that big kite presence on the end of the lines. The Aventador starts to purr at medium wind speeds from 10mph, yeah right, the Aventador purrs rather. It takes winds over 15mph, before it can really be called loud.

The longer you look at the design of the Aventador, the more coherent and sophisticated it looks. Generally I’m not a big fan of curved panels, but here it all fits together very well and is truly a feast for the eyes.

Due to its relatively high number of panels and the option of a custom version (at no extra charge) you have any number of variations and can design kites which have completely different looks. For me though, the original layout remains the best optin and since I had some “caribbean” (sadly not longer available) Icarex, the choice of color was simple Smile


At the risk of putting my foot in it, I would put the Aventador somewhere between Veyron, Hugo and Enzo. This is a big field of completely different kites and comparisons are difficult in this area anyway. In my opinion the Aventador can be lead quite simply through the tricks, and feels like a more mature design than the Veyron.

In many positions you realize how it locks firmly and is very tight on the lines. This massive feedback comes especially with quickly triggered combinations and of course at higher wind speeds. In light winds you can then comfortably lead the kite from the wrist through the tricks. Here, too, it looks more balanced and not overly pitchy like many modern kites.
The taz-machine is in contrast to the Veyron a little more difficult. The Veyron represents the measure of all things easy in taz-machines, Which is why you can call the Aventador more difficult to taz, but can not speak of difficult per se. The cynique ? Well that’s there too and easy enough to perform.

Particularly noteworthy is the positive wap-do-wap, which somehow always works with only a little effort to find the right spot. Although I love this trick, we are usually not the best of friends, the WDW and I, but the Aventador might be paving the way :-)


The turtle is pretty deep and encourages you to experiment. All turtle-based tricks feel extremely light. The relatively soft leading edge of the Aventador make the timing of the slot machine inputs critical, short, fast and precise.

Yo-yos and negative rotations like crazy copter and yofade are relatively tight and thus easily controlled without unwanted horizontal pitch.

The size, or the proportions between surface and stretch are nicely chosen and convey in every flight situation a free and safe feeling. The Aventador is a great all round kite. Whether you fly fast-n-furious-freestyle or more rigorous competition style with lines clean in-and out tricks and landings this kite has you covered. As for me, I prefer to fly this kite fast and hard.

The Future

I’ve was fortunate enough to test the prototype ultralight version, which was amazingly well refined despite its early state state of development. And it flew at almost no wind Smile According to Bernd and Thorsten the UL’s design is now complete and it can be pre-ordered.

To complete the set, the vented version, with medium-sized gauze panels in the spine area, is also ready and also claimed to be great. And given their excellent track record I have no reason to doubt them !

-Grischa (translation by Jürgen)