DiamondKites “Veyron” Review by Grischa

Photography courtesey of the Flying Colors store.

Republished from original form flyingblog.de.

Many thanks to Juergen Denzinger for his translation.

Bernd Schucht and Thorsten Axmann of DiamondKites have developed the “Veyron” in the last 12 months. I was allowed to test their kite at about 7 km/h wind speed, which put a big smile on my face. After a week flying Veyron I know now what I really like about this kite.

With a massive sail area of 240 cm wingspan and 95 cm height, precise manufacturing , coupled with uncompromising trick skills, these are the main qualities of the Veyron from the “goldsmiths” at DiamondKites.

The perfect synergy of precision and trick combined with an extensive wind range and an unique presence in the sky. Innovative solutions in every detail.  I couldn’t give a sausage [sic], as long as this kite performs as good as it does.

Finest materials selected:

Icarex PC31, Airx, Mylar, laminated Dacron, tarpaulin and Moonie tape for perfect sail pressure, minimum weight and maximum abrasion resistance at the crucial points. Gold Aero Stuff (optionally Skyshark Nitro) as lower spreader, Avia top spreader, Skyshark PX3 spine as well as 5PT leading edges make the frame stiff enough. This spar combination is a perfect match. Adjustable trailing edge, R-Sky yo-yo stops and covered leading edge cut outs, FSD nocks and APA connectors give the finishing touches.

Manufacturing quality

The two kite-makers play in the top league. The sail is stiched flawless. Sailmaker seams down to the millimeter. A stitched Edelrid bridle. Leading edge assembly for fetishists. Sensible reinforcements and a super-stylish design. Well worth seeing with your own eyes.

What can the Veyron do?

Everything! The Veyron is just as much a freestyler as a precision monster. In both disciplines, it will continue to play at the very top, it may even set new standards.

If you launch this kite for the first time, you will recognise a very generous sail area. A big air ship [sic] for one who likes kites with small wings. If you like lush pressure build-up, a huge wind window, snappy corners and perfect performance in the lower wind range, you will love this machine!

Comfortable with basic pressure in the entire window, you can also fly at the edge of the wind window and perform corners and precise maneuvers there. The Veyron also delivers in strong winds. Pull and noisiness are the result of good speed control and a clean straight line.


Many things have surprised me, little took me wonders, nothing annoyed me …

The Veyron is flying easily all major new and old school tricks. Particularly noteworthy is the ease which this vulture [sic] performs the Taz – because it’s fun to conjure up cascades. Rising Taz Machines are so easy with this kite you have to be careful not over-do it. For the fade the two designers have built in an Anti-Wobble-DefuserTM, this boy rests in the fade so quickly – madness!

Due to the stretched design the kite is not willing easily to axel 360 degrees, but it does it. The pancake has a dead spot at low wind, but this is very small and comes only with a wind close to zero. If there’s too little tension on the lines in a Flic Flac it still remains manageable.


Rotations around the horizontal ( YoYo ) are just right, not too pervasive, not too slow nor too fast. From the fade to a front wrap needs a bit more input and slack. Negative rotations like the Crazy Copter and YoFade are also possible. The Turtle position was invented for Lazy Suzans. The Veyron is stable but not like a brick on its back, it always conveys a feeling of safety. Insane , the Cascades and Rolling Cascade come out clean and beautifully accented. Back spins are very fast for such a large kite. Try not too hard and with patience. Backspin Cascades are child’s play.

All Flat spins are fast rotating and willingly executed. Combinations of mutex to Slot Cascade to Taz Machine and multi slots can be celebrated forever.
Contact details:

The No. 1 in series serves as a model and test kites. Anyone who would like to test this ingenious device should watch this space. Let me know and I will have the Veyron in my kite bag. (info@flying-colors.de) In addition to direct sales via DiamondKites is Flying Colors the only shop that offers this exclusive high-end kite in limited quantities. The Veyron is exclusively made to order. Lead time at present is 3 to 4 weeks.


  • Wingspan: 240 cm
  • Height: 96 cm
  • Bridle: 3 points
  • Sail Material: Icarex / AirX / Mylar

Veyron STD Skyshark: 300 €

Veyron STD Aerostuff: 330 € (extended wind range and a more direct response than Skyshark version)

  • Leading edge: Skyshark PT5
  • Spine: Skyshark P3X
  • Lower spreader: Gold Aero Stuff
  • Upper spreader: Carbon 6mm
  • Wind range: 8-35 km / h

Veyron UL Aero Stuff: 335 € (+15 € with black stripes)

  • Leading edge: Skyshark PT3
  • Spine: Skyshark P2X
  • Lower spreader: Aero Blue S Stuff
  • Upper spreader: Carbon 5mm
  • Wind range: 3-20 km / h

Available colors:

  • Dark gray / black
  • Light gray / dark gray
  • Medium blue / dark blue
  • Pale green / green
  • (UL only) White with black stripes

Once I have tested the UL extensively, I will report here!

Diamonds are forever!