Flying Wings “Silver Fox 2018 Ultralight” Review by André



I’ve been flying dual line kites since about 2001. During these years I didn’t have a lot of kites. Often when I try a kite I directly like it or not. I like full size kites which are slow and able to execute all the tricks currently known. When a trick is not possible (e.g. flic-flac) it usually is a no-go for me.

For work I travel a lot. I met Lam Hoac and friends from the BCKA when I was on a business trip in Vancouver, BC. During my last stay some of them were flying with the Silver Fox 2018. It’s a kite designed by Lam and produced abroad.

Lars and André at De Ginkelse Heide

The specs

Width: 220cm
Spine: 84cm
Frame: Dynamic/6mm (US)/3mm (SO)

Build quality

The kite is very well made and framed with Dynamic rods (can be a bit of a hassle to find replacements in some parts of the world) The frame of the UL has Dynamic D10 Leading Edge Dynamic D10 spreader and spine is Dynamic T15.  What directly catches the eye is the nice panel layout and the signature Lam Hoac skyclaws as yoyo stoppers. The Lower Spreaders/Central T are located very ‘high’ in the kite. The kite is fitted with 2 Standoffs per wing.

All the materials used are industry standard: Icarex, Dacron, Mylar and a mix of Flying Wings and APA fittings. The custom splitnocks at the wingtips are a nice detail. They should make Spikes easier on a harder surface. The wingtip tensioning is nicely done as well. There is a leechline installed which is tensioned using a piece of bungie cord. The Center T has an eyelet on the back to connect the bungie cord. Tidy. The kite comes with a nice diamond fabric sleeve with the Flying Wings logo printed on it.


Flying is instant fun. The kite flies slow but rolls up fast. All tricks are there like flic-flacs, lazies and multi lazies. Belly type tricks like Slotmachines, Multi Slots, 540’s: all there. Cometes no problem. Even could do a few Crazy Copters and Yo-fades.

One trick is harder on this kite; the Tazmachine. Sometimes I hit it, more often the kite doesn’t turn or wants to go into a fade. It feels like it needs soft but snappy pops. So at first I was not so enthusiastic about this kite. Taz is one of my favourite tricks. They are possible though, just a bit different inputs-wise compared to other kites i own.

André in Vancouver, BC

Bridle tweaking together with Lam didn’t help much. As I kind of a joke I said I take it when it fits in my suite case. No problem said Lam it really folds up small. I tried it. Wow, really it folds up smaller than 85 cm. This fits in a suitcase. That’s a nice travel kite and it tricks also well!

At home in the Netherlands I also tried it in higher winds. According to me with the T10 windspeeds up to 20km/h are possible, but the lower spreader is bending quite a lot. I also used T12 as lower spreaders. I find this a good or even better combination. In Vancouver I also flew the SUL with a light frame T8. Nice with nearly no wind.

The UL on a very windy day. Look at those Lower Spreaders!

The verdict

What also is nice is the price. The kite shoppe sells it for $250. And that’s a good price for kite with a Lam Hoac feel. You can also buy it from Lam Hoac directly. There are five color variations to choose from. This kite will always be in my suitecase, when I travel.

-Andre van den Brink, Holland